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Shanghai Beike Industrial Co., Ltd
Add: Building 11, Lane 555, Tianzhu Road, Shanghai, China.
Post Code: 201800

Contact us: Steven Xi
Tel: 0086-21-59555752
Mob/Whatsapp: 0086-19916569043
E-mail: steven@beikelaser.com



Production line is the aorta of the whole company, producing cannot be delayed, our company will send you the urgent need products with fastest speed within 24 hours ( 24 hours top speed delivery).

If you are unfamiliar with our products, do not worry, we will explain all specifications to you

If you worry about that we have different attitude to different customers, we will try to let you know every customer is our God, we will make all customers satisfied.

If you are afraid that we are in the different place, we will try to let you know our sincere heart to you, we do not have any difference with treating our customers (customer service: no customer value difference, no space-time and region difference, no knowledge accumulating barrier )

If your machines have any problem, don’t worry, our general engineer will be your factory within 24 hours, settle the problem and resume production for you. We are on standby for you at any time, and also we supply the dual backup for the main parts and whole machine (maintain system)